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Join Fairbanks Roller Derby


Want to join a practice and see what roller derby is all about? Send us an email and we'll get back to you with a practice time and location. We may even have some loaner-gear in your size to try on. We promise, there is no contact your first time.

Contact for more info.


Don't want to be full contact?


That's okay! We have practice time for those who just want to skate without playing roller derby. Do you want to learn to roller skate? Do you want a fun and supportive way to get your body moving? Come give our Skate Fitness Classes a try. We’ve taken all of the calorie burning drills and endurance training and eliminated the impact & hitting that deter so many skaters from full contact derby into a fun fitness program. Classes are open to all adults (18+) and provide comprehensive lessons on basic roller derby skating skills, and we can help you acquire gear before starting the program. Upon completion of our 6-week bootcamp, you will have the opportunity to join our team as a full member. Classes start in January and pre-registration is required.

Contact for more info.

Wanna roll with us? 


Ready to join up? Awesome! As a member of Fairbanks Roller Derby, there are some fees you should be aware of.​

  • $50/month skater dues. These go toward supporting the league by contributing to rent, athletic supplies, training, etc.

  • WFTDA Insurance. Because we are a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association we are required to have WFTDA insurance. This acts as a back up if you have personal insurance and is there just in case you get hurt on the track. 


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