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                                                                                              Frequently Asked Questions
I'm new to derby but really want to play. How do I get started?
Even if you have no experience we will teach you how to skate, fall, block, and other skills required to play derby. We have skates and pads to loan out but skaters will supply their own mouth guard and helmet.

When and where are practices?
We practice on weeknights and weekends in the University Park Gym at 1000 University Avenue

What equipment do I need to play?
You will need a pair of quad roller skates (roller blades are not allowed and Moxi Dance skates are not recommended), and protective gear, including a helmet, a mouth guard, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. We recommend skateboarding pads as opposed to rollerblading pads, as they offer more protection and can take the abuse you are going to subject them to. "Boil and bite" mouth guards are available at any sporting goods store or you can get form fitting ones or custom fitted by a dentist. 

How much does it cost to play with E-Ville?
Equipment costs vary, but if you buy new you can expect to pay about $200 for skates, $10 - $40 for a mouth guard, $30-$60 for a helmet, $25 for wrist guards, $25 for elbow pads, and $75 for knee pads. New Skater packages are available at some Roller Derby Skate shops.

Dues are $50/month. Once you are placed on a house team, the cost of a uniform will range from approximately $30-60. 

With any full contact sport, there is the risk of injury. Pulled and strained muscles, as well as sprains and the possibility of breaks, are a concern for any player. For safety and protection, all league members are required to obtain insurance. Our league has an affordable plan of $50 per year provided through WFTDi. 

How long until I get to play in a game, and how often will I get to play?
Our volunteer trainers will teach you everything you need to know about how to skate and play roller derby. Once you have passed your minimum skill requirements, you are able to participate in our scrimmages. Scrimmages are informal and held during regular practice time. These are where you can learn the rhythm of the game before we thrust you in front of screaming fans! 

What are some other ways I can get involved if I don't want to play?

We are always looking for skaters to join our amazing team of officials!  If you take the WFTDA training courses and become a dues paying member you can join us for practices. From there you will gain experience at our scrimmages and house team games. 

Don't want to be on skates? Not a problem! Non-skating officials (NSO's) are vital to running scrimmages and games by keeping track of penalties, time, and importantly the score! If you're interested in becoming a NSO, please contact us here. 

Why should I choose Fairbanks Roller Derby?
We are the interior's only league and are a Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) member league. We are a welcoming space for women and gender-expansive individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and sizes to develop their athletic abilities and learn to play an exciting sport.

We promote the spectacle, but we play the sport. We understand that derby have a certain titillating reputation, but above all we are athletes.


What is FBXRD'S gender policy? Are transgender women allowed to join?

We are a gender inclusive league which includes, but is not limited to, gender queer, gender fluid, transgender, nonbinary, male, and two spirit people. We accept all adults over 18 who are vaccinated against COVID.   

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